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Total rewards
for your team

Empower and educate your team with an interactive and easy-to-use rewards portal to help them visualize their compensation.

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Get in-depth breakdowns of total compensation

Communicating compensation is complex, but it doesn’t have to be. With the Employee Portal, you can clearly convey the value of your total compensation and rewards to your team.

Cultivate and retain a workforce that feels appreciated and well-compensated.

We help you retain talent with value

The easiest way to retain talent is to help illustrate the current and future value that your company is creating for your team. Show off equity scenarios to understand the upside of being an owner at your company.

Visualize compensation over time

As your team grows, help them see their salary increases and promotions, bonus payouts, total benefits, and equity growth with dynamic and interactive charts.

Seamless integrations
We have 20+ integrations with ATS, HRIS and Cap tables to effortlessly synchronize your employee and offer data in realtime.