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Introducing Agora

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Agora - Putting people at the center of compensation

Today we are excited to unveil our new identity - Agora. Our mission is to demystify compensation and drive alignment between companies and their employees. It’s been incredible to witness the response from our customers and it has become clear that what we’re building isn’t only focused on the figures (the “what”) but also on the story (the “how and why”).

The agora was a central, open space in ancient Greek cities where people came together to meet. With Agora, we are putting people at the center of compensation and bringing together recruiters, candidates, employees, managers, comp teams, and executives in an open forum to discuss compensation and equity.

Agora not only represents the center of compensation for people but also for their data. Compensation data is often siloed in disparate sources: the HRIS, Cap Table, ATS, spreadsheets, and makeshift analytics dashboards — Agora centralizes this data together in one place.

Agora is the forum for companies to both manage and communicate compensation with their candidates and employees. With Agora, companies establish their own pay philosophy and compensation structure. They can then ensure that they’re compensating employees fairly within their structure. Adopting an equitable compensation framework makes it easier to have a conversation about why an employee is being compensated a certain way and provides the foundation to discuss career growth. Agora facilitates those discussions with interactive, educational, and exciting interfaces.

With our new name, we’re also announcing our new brand which brings a diverse set of colors meant to bring people together and push compensation forward to be equitable, transparent, and straightforward.

While our brand is changing, you can still use all the same products you love today. We’ll also be launching new products soon, including real-time compensation market data benchmarking!

Thank you for your support — we’re eager to continue demystifying compensation together through Agora.

If you want to demystify compensation at your company, sign up for Agora today and spread the word with others.

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