🎉 We have big news! Agora has been acquired by Payscale!

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Welcome to Agora!  If you haven’t heard of us before, nice to meet you!  On November 13, 2022 we announced that we joined Payscale but here is a little of our back story. 

Agora (known as Figure at that time) was founded in 2020 by Miles Hobby and Geoffrey Tisserand – two software engineers who had seen way too many examples of employees receiving equity-based compensation with little information or guidance. They set off to build a platform that enables companies to provide their candidates and employees with better pay transparency. And it caught on! 

We started as an Interactive Offer Letter which allowed candidates to visualize all aspects of their compensation – not just their salary - and model what their equity could be worth in different scenarios. Candidates loved them and the idea took off like wildfire, leading more and more companies to adopt the Agora offer letter model.  

Since then we have built a powerful compensation platform and Employee Portal leveraging the expertise of the best compensation consultants out there.  Whether you are part of a large HR, AT, or Comp + Total Rewards team or a one person “all of the above”, Agora’s tools are easy to use and scale beautifully. 

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We’re proud of the people who have our back

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Founder at AngelList

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CEO at Launch

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CEO at Reddit

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CEO at Forward

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CEO at Dapper Labs

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