Put people at the center of compensation.

Simplify your compensation practices and effectively communicate total rewards to your people.

A woman smiling looking at Agora's compensation and benefits softwareA woman smiling looking at Agora's total rewards statement software
A woman smiling at Agora's interactive offer letter

Interactive Offer Letters

Drive candidate conversion by getting them excited to sign with your company.


Clearly highlight all the value you're providing for your candidates and allow them to model how their compensation can grow over time.


Candidates deserve better than a plain legal document - stand out from the crowd with a fun, confetti-filled experience.


Our self serve offer letters can be fully customize to adapt to your company branding.


Avoid disruption and enhance your existing workflows by connecting your ATS to Agora.

Compensation Management System

Stop tracking your data in spreadsheets. Standardize the way you manage your roles and compensation bands.

A generic example of Agora's compensation management platform with different careers and salary ranges.

Bring everyone at your company around a single, centralized source for your job architecture and compensation bands.


Our granular permission system ensures that your users only see what they should, and nothing more.


Monitor your company's compensation health and detect pay inequities and anomalies before they become an issue.


Effortlessly synchronize your employee data from your Cap Table and Payroll providers.

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Demystify compensation and align your organization

Motivate your employees and candidates by clearly outlining their total rewards, helping them understand what it means to own equity in your company, and getting them excited about your future growth.

Why choose agora?

We believe that fair, equitable, effective compensation requires giving compensation the proper context. That's where we come in.

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Bring equity down to earth

Excite your candidates by giving them the tools to project the growth of your company and the effect it would have on their compensation.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Bring structure to your compensation by managing your compensation bands and job architecture in a central system of record.

Treat all employees equitably

Unlock insights to spot pay inequities in your workforce and catch biases as early as the offer phase.

Our customers

"Agora aligns our team around an intuitive source of truth for geographic comp bands and helps them send interactive offers that bring a real wow factor to our candidates that spreadsheets and phone calls just can’t provide."
Portrait picture of Joel Baroody, VP, Talent Acqusition at Brex

Joel Baroody

VP, Talent Acquisition at Brex

"Agora is an eye-opening experience for our candidates that makes presenting offers much easier. Our People team is now able to collaborate with managers on a whole new level when it comes to designing career paths and salary structures."
Portrait Picture of Beth Sallomi, VP of People at Sundae

Beth Sallomi

VP of People at Sundae

"Agora allows us to make highly customized offer letters that showcase our company values and help candidates better understand the value of our total compensation package."
Profile Picture of Scooter Sabel, Head of People at Vouch.

Scooter Sabel

Head of People at Vouch